Travel Tips for 1 year old?

July 23, 2009 by QA-admin  
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Hello Parents and Happy New Year! We just figured out that this summer near the end of June we are going to South Carolina to visit my aunt on Myrtle Beach. We live in Massachusetts so it’s like a 16 hour trip! I am looking for tips from parents on here on the best way to travel with Jacob… he’ll be 1 on June 3rd!

We are driving…that is the tricky is cheaper that way, and our goal is to save money so we have more money to play with when we do things down there. We also have a Hyundai Elantra…so think small car with limited room to pack things

Here are a few questions:

Should we bring the pack and play or co-sleep? Which would be easier? I am thinking we will have to find room for it since he goes to bed before us and for naps…but may by 1 yr old he could sleep on the floor for naps?

How often will Jacob need to stop to stretch his legs?

What would be the best way to transport cows milk for him and how much on average do you think he’d have in a 16 hour period?. We don’t nurse..don’t suggest that.

Any other tips? I found a cool car toy he’ll be getting for his birthday but should we also maybe buy a portable DVD player (or borrow one) so he can watch a few videos?
also what food should I bring for him? to save space we can always buy some toddler meals there at the grocery store..but just wondering.
Amanda I already have the space bag idea! GMTA!


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One Comment on "Travel Tips for 1 year old?"

  1. s@hmommaPM on Thu, 23rd Jul 2009 12:07 am 

    My experience on trips – bring the pack and play. Its easier to contain them and "force them to nap" so to speak. My kids never slept very well out of their own beds. The pack and play was the only way. If you can get a separate room for this kids, even better (I know dream world where money grows on trees…) I would just buy milk while on the road. When you stop for gas or potty breaks/diaper changes – just buy there – less to pack and find while in the car. My kids only drink a cup of milk in the morning. They don’t need that much milk. A portable DVD player was awesome for my daughter! It saved my sanity on a trip from MD to RI. She was 2 1/2. Also, I kept a car toy bag – started getting new cheap toys that they never saw before so they were new and interesting for the car and kept that behind the seat so I could reach it. Also, we stopped alot. The kids need to get out of the seat and stretch. I’ve traveled a couple of different times with kid (and kids) and a very long car rides always worked best for us when we did stops every 2 hours or so.
    Good luck!

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