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July 22, 2010 by Anwar Mehdi  
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If you are a big enthusiast of beaches and the drinking water, you’ll still need a rest – a minimum of sometimes and also the famous Ripley’s Aquarium tank regarding Myrtle Beach is really a ideal location so that you can awesome off. Ideally situated in the particular Broadway At The Beach area, the actual Aquarium is available in all seasons.

Once you get in, a digital photographer button snaps any picture of your get together that you may (or not) purchase at the conclusion from the personal advised excursion. Most of the time, I say which i defintely won’t be buying one but the photos are thus wonderful that certain cannot avoid.

Blacktip Reef Shark Sea Life Centre München
Image by Wolfgang Kopp via Flickr
The very first cease is actually usally a limited run display. The in 2010 this year exhibit is named Dangerous Tools as well as in the past we have appreciated Mars-Search for Life, Toddlers, and the most popular, The Devils.
Slide across the float way within Shark Tube, where you can watch sharks frolic in the water mere toes previously mentioned your head. My little one loves to dog the actual poke light and contain the horseshoe crabs.
Ripley’s Aquarium tank also has several reside plunge displays and feedings during the day (times are posted from the tanks). If you’d prefer to add an academic twist for a vacation the aquarium also offers various classes for all age ranges.

Myrtle Seaside Insider’s Tip: Though we love appointments all year long my personal favorite period is around a bitterly cold winter holidays any time Christmas trees and shrubs which represents almost all fifty states are shown through the entire aquarium tank.
What comes up whenever an individual says Myrtle Beach, South carolina? Golf, correct? Nicely, with a little number of hardcore fishermen “SHARK” is the term you think of.

Slide along the glide path in Shark Tunnel, where you can watch sharks swim mere feet above your head. My little one loves to pet the sting rays and hold the horseshoe crabs.

Ripley’s Aquarium also has several live dive shows and feedings throughout the day (times are posted by the tanks). If you like to add an educational twist to your vacation the aquarium also offers various classes for all age groups.

Myrtle Beach Insider’s Tip: Although we enjoy visits all year long my favorite time is around the winter holidays when Christmas trees representing all 50 states are displayed throughout the aquarium.

Picture taken at SC Aquarium

Image via Wikipedia

What comes to mind when someone says Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Golf, right?    Well, to a small group of hardcore anglers “SHARK” is the word that comes to mind.

Not for the Weak at Heart
The coast of the eastern seaboard from North Carolina to Georgia is prime hunting grounds for sharks, all types of sharks, and Myrtle Beach is no different. Fishing from the shores off Myrtle Beach can bring you many different types of sharks:

  • Spinners
  • Black Tip
  • Tiger
  • Sand Shark
  • Lemon
  • Bull
  • Even an occasional Mako

And you don’t need to hire a large fishing boat to catch them. You simply need a kayak and some serious guts!

Now, lest you think shark fishing in a kayak is not a dangerous sport, consider that during the time of the fishing discussed in this article a 10 year old boy was rushed to a hospital with shark bites to the back of his head and his upper legs.

From reports, the boy did fine and recovered, but it clearly shows that this is not a sport without risk. And for the two weeks that our anglers were in Myrtle Beach this past August, red “shark warning” flags were readily seen up and down the beach. Additionally, sharks are caught daily by anglers who are surfcasting for Bluefish. The surfcasting caught sharks typically break off due to their sheer speed and strength coupled with the often pounding effects of the surf crashing against the beach, but they are caught fairly easily.

What Does it Take
During August of 1999 Charles “Chuck” Geary and his family headed down to Myrtle Beach in search of Spinner and Black Tip sharks (the two most commonly caught species). Two years prior I had the privilege to join them on their annual pilgrimage. During that year we hooked a number of sharks but failed to bring any to the beach. With a few more years of practice, Chuck and some friends have perfected the technique and have brought back pictures to prove it

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These are the base prices for Aquarium tickets, but shop around for a deal and if you are local make sure you flash your local ID!

Single Aquarium Tickets

Adults (12 years and older) – $18.99
Children (Ages 6-11) – $9.99
Children (Ages 2-5) – $3.99