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Hilton Head Island is known as a world-class beach and golf resort located in the heart of the South Carolina lowcountry. However, what many don’t realize is that Hilton Head Island is the home of the Gullah people, who have a rich cultural history. Emory Campbell and Louise Cohen are featured here. For more information, please visit www.hiltonheadisland.org

The Gullah Festival Of South Carolina – A cultural history

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The Gullah Festival Of South Carolina

Although it had its origins in slavery, the history and culture of the inhabitants that call Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry coastal region of South Carolina “home” is an inspiration to all Americans. Living simply just as they did more than a hundred years ago, these people, whose ancestors are known as the Gullah subscribe to high religion and the celebration of spiritual redemption in leading their daily lives.

The original Gullah were African slaves who were shipped across the Atlantic from West Africa to work the cotton plantations of the South. While plantation owners built their fortunes upon slave labor, the slaves were able to create something of their own — the unique culture that is now known as Gullah. With that culture came a thriving mix of language, folktales and superstition, a mix that has shaped generations of families who live on Hilton Head Island and in the Lowcountry today.

The Gullah are known for preserving more of their African linguistic and cultural heritage than any other African-American community in the United States. They speak an English-based creole language containing many African loanwords and significant influences from African languages in grammar and sentence structure. The Gullah language is related toJamaican Creole, Barbadian Dialect, and the Krio language of Sierra Leone in West Africa. Gullah storytelling, cuisine, music, folk beliefs, crafts, farming and fishing traditions, all exhibit strong influences from West and Central African cultures.

In addition to attending the annual Hilton Head Island Gullah Celebration held each February, which gives visitors the opportunity to share in rich cultural traditions and crafts, such as the Gullah basket weaving; while in town, they can also visit Mitchelville – the first freed Negro township; Gullah Heritage Trail – Hilton Head Island; Ibile Indigo House – a working studio where visitors learn the tradition of West African indigo-dye processes and products; Zion Chapel of Ease – Hilton Head’s oldest cemetery; Queen Chapel AME Church – established in 1860 as a “praise house” for Pope Plantation slaves. When on a south carolina vacation, this is one of the best activities to partake in.

Hilton Head Island visitors can immerse themselves in Gullah culture year round with a visit to De Gullah Creations. Located in Shelter Cove Mall, this unique consignment store is a cultural co-op owned and operated by the native Gullah community and is dedicated to improving the economic condition of the Gullah community and to providing a unique showcase for the talented artisans who celebrate and capture low country life.

The Gullah Festival Of South Carolina

The Gullah Festival Of South Carolina

A history of the Gullah people

Practically the 500, 000 Gullah stay among Jacksonville, North carolina and The town of jacksonville, Sarasota nowadays. This kind of five-hundred kilometer stretch across the Atlantic Sea well as over and also between your Rivers that encompass that is home to the particular descendants with the Africans introduced to the Carolina Nest beginning in the past due 1500s. They will reside across the interstates and also passages which sometime meander close to and also contact the edges regarding Interstate 92 and also Highway teen. For nearly several hundreds of years, their particular lifestyles are economically and also politically stuck just using this location as well as the “cash crops” required for the achievement may it be rice or even tourism. Locations close to Wilmington, North carolina, Georgetown and also Charleston, South carolina, Savannah and The city of jacksonville, Sarasota figure plainly within the Gullah tale from the beginning in order to right now.

Their source and also background began about Cameras dirt. Through the slave buy and sell, captured Africans, meant for American farms, were frequently maintained inside keeping cellular material over the Gulf Photography equipment coastlines. This forcible detention introduced a good unprecedented large number of diferrent Africans collectively below a single area as well as formed the foundation for the describe as well as structure associated with exactly what grew to become which is referred to as Gullah tradition. .

From the middle of the 18th century, these Africans centered the actual slave work force. They took over as muscle and brain behind the particular rice and silk cotton industries in which once layered the seas of the Carolina Slave Coastline. Their knowledge of farming, grain, hemp cultivation, with their work, produced the actual Gullah probably the most desired as well as sought after work from the agricultural To the south. These types of Gullah servant maqui berry farmers created their particular masters a few of the wealthiest business people inside pre-Civil War The usa.

It is well-liked belief that the title Gullah is often a distortion of the name Angola, a part that offered several 40% with the slaves delivered to as well as sold on the Charleston slave marketplace. Nevertheless, several members from the Gullah neighborhood often relate the particular name while using before American account of the Golas as well as the Gizzis, a couple of cultural organizations living in close proximity to Liberia through the Photography equipment slave buy and sell. People of these organizations had been also captured and sold in vast quantities. Africans from their area along the Windward Coast moved into via Charleston and have been nicely symbolized within the servant human population.

Not too long ago, slaves set aside the particular title concept Gullah for certain members of the communities. The name was not used within the common method it is employed nowadays. In those days, it was used much more being a deal with or even prefix since was the truth regarding Golla Jack inside the Denmark Vessey Conspiracy theory associated with 1822. Until this very day, the similarities in the Cameras and also United states names of these organizations, the Golas (Gullah) and also the Gizzis (Geechees), may be the foundation with the significance added to whether or not one is known as Gullah or perhaps Geechee today.

The actual Gullah represent one of the earliest culture groupings making it through as well as residing in our midst these days. They’re recognized for their contributions to the growth, development as well as success with the Rice and also Marine Isle silk cotton sectors from the servant interval. During the early days associated with liberty, their own under compensated work led towards the re-growth and recuperation with the area they will lived on. From the the particular 1940s, the change coming from agriculture to travel and leisure built them into the particular master labor force in and of the actual hospitality industry, the main revenue in every express exactly where these people reside in good sized quantities nowadays.

In the 21st century, the 500-mile region the location where the Gullah live is actually country wide acknowledged as decreasing in numbers property right within our process.

Adventures Vacation Travel – South Carolina

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Why People Keep Coming Back to Visit South Carolina Year After Year

South Carolina is a world famous vacation destination for Families, Couples, Sightseers and folks who want just want to kick back and relax. South Carolina is just a fabulous place to Visit and Vacation. Here’s why: People keep coming back to visit South Carolina, year after year, because it is steeped in Rich History as one of the original American Colonies. Around each corner in every small town or big City, History and Diverse Culture abound.

You cannot escape History or the Beauty of the Landscape when you visit South Carolina because that’s who we are and what we come from.

South Carolina’s Atlantic Resort Coast boasts Sunny, Wide Beaches, Marinas and Pavilions People who love the Outdoors flock to our Crystalline Lakes, State Parks and Campgrounds History lovers enjoy regular vacations to South Carolina’s Historic Towns, Monuments to pay tributes to Heritage The SC Scenic Mountains, Rustic Cabins and Roadside Stands are a photography lover’s Paradise

The Palmetto State Is Not “Just” a Place – It’s a Travel Adventure You Must Experience For Yourself
A South Carolina Vacation is a Travel Adventure that will make memories for a lifetime. People keep coming back to Vacation with us because, once you visit, you can’t help but fall in love South Carolina.

South Carolina Beach and Resort Island Vacation Rentals
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is known worldwide for the Sun Fun Festival! A Myrtle Beach Vacation is known for F-U-N, period. Imagine beautiful, wide Sandy Beaches, World Class Golf and Golf Instruction, Unique Gift Shops and Outlet Stores and Beyond Fantastic, Traditional Carolina Cuisine. Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand offer so many wholesome Family Attractions and Amusements that it is difficult to narrow down what you want to do first when you Vacation there. Consider Visiting Historic Charleston – Enjoy Southern Hospitality At Its Finest

Charleston Vacations offer a romantic blend of European high culture, fine dining, history, carriage rides, cobblestone streets and genuine Southern Hospitality. This historic “must-see” combines the best of high culture, history and sophistication with down home, finger lickin’ Seafood Fests and beaches you never want to leave. One of the glories of Charleston is her magnificent Resort Islands.

You can soak up the relaxed energy of Caribbean influences on Hilton Head, and the many other Lowcountry Resort Islands. From world-class Beach and Golf Resorts to Family Affordable Pet-Friendly Hotels, you’ll find outstanding people and unique places to stay in South Carolina…wherever you go. We can’t wait to see you – come visit the Palmetto State. You might just fall in love with South Carolina, too.

Visit Historic Sites: Discover Cultural Treasures and the Natural Wonders of South Carolina Outdoors

When you Vacation in South Carolina you escape into history. From Revolutionary and Civil War sites to Historic Plantation Homes and museums, it’s easy to step back in time in the Palmetto State. For example, Sweetgrass Basket Making has been part of the Charleston and Mt. Pleasant Communities for more than 300 years. Brought to the area by Slaves who came from West Africa, Basket-making or Basket-Weaving is a Traditional Art form which has been passed on from Generation to Generation.
Today, Sweetgrass Basket Making is one of the oldest Art Forms of African Origin in the United States.

Don’t forget to take time out from Swimming and Sunbathing, Shopping and Dining to Tour some cherished American Historic Sites like:

Fort Sumpter Middleton Place Plantation Homes and Gardens Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site Redcliffe Plantation State Historic Site

See firsthand our Cultural and Artistic Treasures: take a Gullah Tour to learn about the Gullah people, language, traditions, and tourism events. Gullah is the language spoken by the Lowcountry’s first black inhabitants. The language and culture still thrive today in and around the Lowcountry, especially the areas of Charleston and Beaufort, South Carolina.

Of course, while on Vacation you might want to visit our award-winning museums, the SC Aquarium and make time for fantastic souvenir shopping. Don’t forget to get see some out of the way places full of charm. Take a drive through beautiful historic cities on scenic back roads that lead to South Carolina’s charming small towns. You can visit our Amish Township and enjoy handmade Quilting Crafts and the daily fresh baked bread. Outdoors in South Carolina is like nothing else you’ll ever experience. Our SC Summer Activities keep bringing folks back to SC and feature outstanding Family Fun State Parks, Championship Golf Courses and Pro Golf Instruction, Clear and Saltwater Fishing, Hiking and Biking, white water rafting, boating, tubing, kayaking and scuba diving with alligators and that’s just a start!

People from all over pack up and move to South Carolina exclusively to live at “the Lake.”
South Carolina boasts year-round fishing and World Class Fishing Tournaments. While visiting South Carolina on Vacation it’s good to know that the SC State Parks alongside major bodies of water all have boat ramps and other access points for your water recreation. So bring your boat or other watercraft and prepare to have fun on South Carolina’s Waterways via our SC State Parks. If you don’t have your own boat, that’s okay, too! You can rent jon boats, canoes and kayaks at several State Parks with Lakes and Ponds. You cannot come to South Carolina on Vacation and NOT have fun! It is a great place to play. Plan your next trip to South Carolina and see why South Carolina is rated “one of the best Vacation Destinations in the US.”
Discover New Ways to Play While on Holiday From Work

South Carolina’s State Park Golf Courses are a great place to enjoy our natural beauty and of course – a great game of golf. If you love the game of Golf, why not take a Golf Course Tour and “play through” of through the State? Consider a golf course tour of Cheraw State Park and Hickory Knob State Resort Park. You’ll find hole-by-hole video pro tips for the Tom JacksonDesigned courses. Do you love to try new Restaurants when you travel? Are you looking for discount Coupons For Dining Out, Local Events and Attractions? Or do you crave the great places to eat that only the locals know about? You are invited to visit our websites to take a virtual tour of the pleasures that await you. Now is the time to plan ahead for you fun filled Visit to South Carolina. Check out the Beach Rental Property, Hotels and Resorts, Cabins and Lodges or whatever suits your hearts desire. South Carolina has it all. The hardest part about planning a Vacation to South Carolina is deciding where to start first.

South Carolina Vacation Travel Adventure

South Carolina Vacation Travel Adventure

For more information on how to save Money On Your South Carolina Vacation: Book A Flight – Rent A Car – Vacation Packages For SC. www.Travel.sc

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