Can anyone give me good tips for riding Coach on Amtrak (Palmetto) from NY to Charleston, South Carolina?

July 10, 2009 by QA-admin  
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I’m planning on traveling in mid April (2 occupants), yet I’ve never ridden on Amtrak before. I’m not fond of long bus travel (often due to stinky bathrooms). Will I encounter similar on Amtrak? I’m envisioning bringing my own food (Yeah! Those tasty gourmet sandwiches/wraps from the local Deli before I board the train), plus a couple of large bottles of water and some snacks. From what I’ve gathered so far, I’m betting that there may be some delays, yet I’m wondering how bad might they be? I’m taking an early morning departure out of Penn (6:15AM, saturday travel). Arriving in North Charleston by 7:15PM. Will it depart on time out of Penn station? Arrive on time in Charleston? Is Coach fine for the trip, or would business class feel much more of an improvement? If Coach, any suggestions on where the best seating would be (i.e., what surrounding marker(s) should I look out for when trying to spot those better coach seats as I board the train?). Overall, excited about the train ride and I’m cool with the long travel duration, yet I’m hoping I don’t get caught up in 3 hour delays that screw up my arrival time! Id truly appreciate any tips on good food/snacks to take, what to look out for along the way, any main overlay that’s a usual part of the journey, etc. Thanks for your time!