Piccolo Spoleto (05/22/2015-06/07/2015)

February 21, 2015 by Anwar Mehdi  
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The official outreach festival to Spoleto Festival USA, Piccolo Spoleto features artists from the Southeastern United States in all areas of performing, literary and visual arts – classical music, jazz, dance, theatre, poetry readings, children’s activities…
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Abandoned South Carolina plantation homes 2007

In early April 2007, SHP Director Gaston Callum photographs some of South Carolina’s renown pre-Civil War plantation houses. Callum’s brief encounter with a deputy sheriff occurred as the duputy spotted his SUV parked on the vacant property and thought the vehicle might be stolen, or that crackheads were loitering inside. Ironically, the biggest threat to these empty houses isn’t from local crackheads, but more often from the thugs who prey on old homes in the dark of night and steal all the …