Bermuda Cruise Vacation – Get Away to a Subtropical Island Paradise

November 5, 2009 by Anwar Mehdi  
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Take a Bermuda cruise vacation and you will experience paradise at its finest. Bermuda is home to world-famous pink sand beaches and sparkling blue waters. You can experience snorkeling and scuba, swimming with dolphins, glass bottom boat rides, fishing, and more. Is it a golf vacation you want? Bermuda boasts more golf courses per square mile that anywhere else in the world. If historic sites are more your speed, the port of St. George’s is a World Heritage Site that is sure to be awe inspiring. The capital city of Hamilton is where you will want to take an afternoon to visit the duty-free shops to find the perfect souvenir to take home. You can also experience British culture by dining in local restaurants.

Bermuda is found about 600 miles off the coast of North Carolina in the Atlantic Ocean. The even climate found in the small British territory will please anyone – the temperature during spring, summer and fall ranges from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to bring your hat, sunglasses or sunscreen so you can enjoy the beaches without getting sunburned. You will also not have to worry about hurricanes on your Bermuda cruise vacation since Bermuda is generally out of the main path of the storms.

In order to cruise to Bermuda, there are several convenient ports on the East Coast of the United States to choose from: New York, Cape Liberty (New Jersey), Baltimore, Philadelphia, Norfolk (Virginia), Charleston, Boston, and Fort Lauderdale. From these ports, several major cruise lines depart on five day and seven day cruises. You can choose from Norwegian Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Carnival, and Celebrity. Several cruise ships will visit Bermuda over twenty times in one season so you can be sure that there will be plenty of options for you when planning your cruise to Bermuda.

The ports of call are Kings Wharf (West End), St. George’s and Hamilton. Hamilton is reserved for smaller ships because it is not deep enough to accommodate modern cruise ships. So you will need to decide between Kings Wharf on the west end of the island and St. George’s, on the east end of the island. Kings Wharf has more modern amenities with lots of activity going on in the area. At Kings Wharf, you will find the Royal Naval Dockyard and Bermuda Maritime Museum, as well as restaurants and shopping. St. George’s offers a quieter port with historic cobbled streets, quaint shops, and museums. Here you can take a walk back in history with its largely untouched architecture from the 17th century.

Since Bermuda is quite small, tourists cannot rent cars to get around. You can travel the length of the island on rented scooters or use one of the public buses. You can purchase day passes for public transportation once you arrive in port or you can pay per ride. There are also ferries available to shuttle you around Bermuda.

Take a cruise to Bermuda for the trip of a lifetime. You will not be disappointed with the friendly people, gorgeous scenery, and beautiful weather.

Are you ready to book a Bermuda cruise vacation? You can check out the Bermuda cruise schedule and start planning your Bermuda cruise vacation today! Giles Alton enjoys cruising and writes for Bermuda Cruises.


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